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  • Sizzling Summer Struggles

    August 18, 2015
    Water fights. Swimming pool. Lemonade. Iced tea. Ice water. Ice cream. Popsicles. These are all great ways to cool off during blistering summer days. When we are hot, it’s safe to assume that our 1400 pound cows, bulls, and butcher animals are hot too!
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  • Overcome Your Horse's Picky Eating

    August 15, 2015
    With dexterous lips and a defiant attitude, any horse can become a picky eater, but it is easy to keep your horse on a balanced, healthy diet no matter what its taste preferences may be.
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  • How Birds Migrate

    August 1, 2015
    When birds migrate, many of us think of a flock of geese flying South in a V-shaped formation. However, birds migrate for many different reasons in many different ways.
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