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  • Purina Accuration 2HL

    Manufacturer: Purina

    A non-salt limiting meal supplement when fed according to recommendations balances the nutritional deficiencies in fair quality forages (native or improved grass hay) or poor-quality forage (dormant grasses or crop residues). Designed specifically for the cow, heifer development, growing stockers or yearlings, bull conditioning prior to breeding, bull development and even creep feeding.

  • RangeLand® Calf Creep

    Manufacturer: Purina

    RangeLand® Calf Creep is supplement designed for suckling beef calves. It supplements the cow’s milk to improve the growth rate of calves with good genetic potential. It is offered with 14% or 16% protein and multiple medicated options.

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  • Accuration® Range Supplement Feed

    Manufacturer: Purina

    An INTAKE MODIFYING TECHNOLOGY® Process supplement for calves, stockers and heifers on low quality hay or forages. Encouraging forage utilization but controlling Accuration® intake lets cattle adjust their intake based on weather and grass conditions and nutritional need. Save labor and time with Accuration® Range Supplements self-fed programs.

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  • Purina® Hi-Energy Cattle Cube

    Manufacturer: Purina Model: 51032

    Purina® Hi-Energy Cattle Cube helps you extend your forages and grasses by providing your cows the additional supplementation they need.